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#MindMovementMondays :: “PROCRASTINATION” – (@ALMcFOSTER)


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💡 #MindMovementMondays – “Procrastination” 💯✔

An episode of mind stimulants and thought provoking questions for motivation. New Episode on Mondays in rotation at 12pm EST / 9am PST! *SHARE & REPOST THIS* Leave a comment.

“I Wish You A Happy New Year – #2017”


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Hey everybody… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I’m so glad to welcome in 2017. I had a very productive and successful year, last year, and I’m praying that it all rolls over into this year. I have a few specific goals I’ve set for myself, so I intend to put in the work to achieve them, God willing… But I have some things I want to share with you guys, and also a few challenges for 2017. Let’s push each other to be the BEST version of ourselves we can be!

Watch the video below that I made just for you, and hit me up on social media with any feedback.

Big Cash With Dodge/Chrysler!!!


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So, I had an audition for a car commercial. I thought it went pretty good… They called me in for a second one. I didn’t think it went as well as the first one, and to be honest it felt kinda awkward. However, there must have been something about me the executives sitting in on the second one saw that they liked for their product. Fast forward a couple days… I’m actually filming a project and I get an email from my agent, “Hold For Chrysler”. I got anxious. But I usually force myself to play it down, because it wasn’t a confirmation. I prayed about it, “I said God if it’s your will let the next email be a solid confirmation.” My heart started to race and I anxiously looked at my phone for every single vibration. Then it came… My agent emails, “WooHoo AL McFOSTER is booked for the national commercial!”. I screamed! I usually don’t but this time I did. I bowed my head in prayer to thank God. The people I were working with noticed… “What happened?”, they said. I told them with excitement, “I just booked the commercial!” They were all happy for me…

Then from there, it went soooooo fast. I had a fitting. I get to set. We film. It goes well. Took a long day but it was done! Thank God. And here is just me caught in the moment, doing what I love… #Blessed

AL McFOSTER on set at the Dodge/Chrysler "The Big Holiday Cash Event" commercial

And here’s the commercial…

Couples Therapy???


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I got some really exciting news! I booked a LEAD role in an upcoming comedic short film called “Mike And Linda“. In it I play Mike who is an egotistical businessman who is having relationship issues with his wife Linda. I just did a table read with the writer, director and producer which went very well. I really like this script, and I’m sure when you see the film you will crack up laughing at the story. I can’t wait! Stay tuned here to my blog and I’ll update this post with more info and pics when we start shooting.

Have a great day, and NEVER stop chasing your dreams!


I had a pretty fun time doing this film! The process was easy, the crew was energetic and the final result came out great. I can’t wait to see the finished product when it comes out! I’ll let you guys know as soon as I do, but it’s looking like Fall 2016. Here is a few photos on set (below) and check my Instagram for a short behind the scenes video of me in a scene.

AL McFOSTER behind the scenes in "Mike And Linda"

AL McFOSTER behind the scenes in "Mike And Linda"