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I got some really exciting news! I booked a LEAD role in an upcoming comedic short film called “Mike And Linda“. In it I play Mike who is an egotistical businessman who is having relationship issues with his wife Linda. I just did a table read with the writer, director and producer which went very well. I really like this script, and I’m sure when you see the film you will crack up laughing at the story. I can’t wait! Stay tuned here to my blog and I’ll update this post with more info and pics when we start shooting.

Have a great day, and NEVER stop chasing your dreams!


I had a pretty fun time doing this film! The process was easy, the crew was energetic and the final result came out great. I can’t wait to see the finished product when it comes out! I’ll let you guys know as soon as I do, but it’s looking like Fall 2016. Here is a few photos on set (below) and check my Instagram for a short behind the scenes video of me in a scene.

AL McFOSTER behind the scenes in "Mike And Linda"

AL McFOSTER behind the scenes in "Mike And Linda"